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Your shit ain't all that, especially since its infected! Those two have daddy issues, they were probably raised that girls are nothing and that's why they support him so much -- always obey the man. Report him to immigration. Lesbian bath sex. Pretty much in your face What is even more disgusting is despite the evidence he continues to lie about his race, age, and sexual indiscretions.

It's obvious he hates himself and has low self esteem. Hello there are more men out there besides his crusty old ass. Jay tavare nude. He also need people to stand up to him and say, "Jay stop abusing women, stop sleeping around spreading your virus, or use a condom, man, for Pete's sake! Laser castrates an inmate from behind, bathes his bald head in the genital blood, and dines on the testicles with a knife and a fork.

The RO is only good if you are able to call during the beatings. Tavare stop suffering in silence and file police reports and bring criminal charges for the violations he committed against them.

What's important people, What's Important. I think she meant herpes ass! I wish that meeting him was all a bad dream that I could recover from but it is reality. Jay has done so much damage to hic credibility he isn't worth the trouble.

Jay I know for a fact that you didn't move and still live at your same shit hole apt with drug dealers and prostitutes at Franklin Ave. It's hard to take some of you ladies seriously when you admit that you knew he was having sexual relations with other women and you chose to have unprotected sex with him anyway. Lesbians having hard sex. I heard the voice messages he left threatening to kill people and saw his list of court cases and the restraining order he had against him.

What be up with Amy Hardy this weekend? Like two peas in a pod. But I do hope your mistakes will be a lesson for someone else. He said I could never be with a woman like that Just came across Team Tavare on FB.

Yeah what he's doing is wrong, and he's a complete idiot in general, but y'all shoulda inspected that shit first, common sense. Ain't some of you already over the fucking hill and too old saying some of this shit anyway? If you contracted an STD from him and did not notify him then you are just as responsible for him spreading this STD to others. Take your ass to the welfare and get the only pension you will ever have, fucking Broke Back Mountain reject!

I know that Nader tapes his victims and uses this as bribery. If everybody ladies is so upset with him and he is the way he is then why do women still go with him? Be a real man and get yourself a job so you can can start feeling good about yourself and start paying back your loans and judgements!! He accepted money for ANE and spent it on himself and then gave them a little!

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You are my hero for exposing this piece of shit Jay Tavare aka Nadar Janani.

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So please stop assuming females who have been hurt by him are crying wolf! He worked at this nightclub in Beverly Hills Misery sure does love company.

Now newlyweds, the couple gets grief, not from her kids Aleisha Allen and Philip Boldenbut from a shady contractor John C.

The attorney needs to address the fact that he has a fake driver's license and needs to press the fact is he or is he not here on a visa.? You remember Jay the woman you claimed to be blacklisted and shunned by Hollywood? A needle and thread pierces directly into the wrinkles on a rectum in graphic close-up.

Hey, you are good enough to scoop dog shit for a living, I guess. Someone even commented that he treats his fans like a dating site! President Obama flying into LA has nothing to do with you, it was a sheer coincidence you were in a student film playing an indian tribe he happened to see while in Palm Springs.

Oh I forget, my bad, you said "hoe, "so you must be talking to him. Big tits in a bikini. Why doesn't Jay ever wish his parents well on facebook. Please go pick up a dictionary and look up this word along with the word fraud. His name is a joke in Hollywood and everyone knows it. What good does ranting online do? No one is getting info from tv court room drama shows lol. If he found one cheap at a garage sale he's too stupid to figure out how it works. This report contains a couple of bare facts, but combined with the gross exaggerations that accompany them, it amounts to a very misleading article.

Everything is about him I'm not talking about generalities, I'm taking about Jay Tavare. You're crossing the line doing that. Wake the fuck up Nadar Janani aka Jay Tavare! What the heck have you done. Alyssa milano hot nude. Jay tavare nude. Think about your sisters, daughters, nieces, friends and cousins he could come in contact with. They never got divorced!!!! I know of someone who emailed that blond woman and she was not happy!

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I wish that meeting him was all a bad dream that I could recover from but it is reality. I think you guys are getting a way from the issue. Mixed girls nude pics. I don't live in CA. No blood exists stateside for him. We all remember our first time, right? Boss later strangles repeatedly while visiting him in the infirmary. You will get your come up ins soon.

Wake up ladies, you got played for a fool! Just because some don't have evidence to convict, doesn't mean that you don't. It's disgusting that a married Mother with Children would be so trashy.

Many woman now have the courage to sue his broke ass and throw him in jail where he belongs. Naked bar tumblr Give it up Jay you will never have a bubblebutt!

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Big booty white girl gets fucked So many continue to believe that he is an American Indian when it is obvious that he uses Gorilla glue to stick on hair pieces and makes those disgusting duck faces! How much more proof do you need, Anonymous? Gorilla on Gorilla Kenya and Jay That is what he said not me!
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Married lesbian sex videos It's been very hard dealing with the disease that Jay Tavare gave me.
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