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I'm as happy as anyone that we don't have to go through such silly and ambiguous rituals in order to get busy, but seductive play wouldn't exist without a little ambiguity, and mature people ought to be able to understand and even embrace the fact.

But it is unreasonable to suggest that the thread is about defending or denying that this song is written about a depiction of a date rape, when most people in the thread aren't making that claim.

Former Wilson Phillips member and talk show host Carnie Wilson seems determined to battle some personal demons. Big tits nude yoga. Thanks spitbull, like everything he does, that song is killer. Would you say this subtext is unimportant, and only the text matters? The message is wrong for the audience. I don't have a lot more to say that I haven't already said here, but to me at least this isn't a fight at all. Kt oslin lesbian. The album's one gem is "It Still Hurts," a novelty number that fits well into the old honky-tonk tradition.

There's piles of evidence regarding evolution. Should every movie that uses Carmina Burana have some sort of disclaimer about shifting mores surrounding pedophilia? This, along with a bunch of others fifties era Christmas music was playing in the store when I went out to buy a suit the other day.

While that may be true, chimps and humans are still pretty damn different, just as this song and rape are different. Really, I get how, for someone of a certain era, this was a song about a woman disregarding a life a family was trying to impose on her in favor the night with a gentleman friend that she wanted for herself. No, that's not unreasonable. If the song bothers you, I imagine it's very hard to read books, watch films, or enjoy music from before the s, of any kind.

That's how I want my Christmas. Sexy girl profile. I don't think all that much has changed except that there's no need for the good girl act today.

The football-themed "Play Me Or Trade Me" is a nice idea, but kind of a clunker, and the ballads are sheer torture. But I'm also aware that it was made in a different era, that it can be read in a very light-hearted way without that baggage, and that many, many people still subscribe to a "no means maybe" model of sexual behavior.

Choose which channels you want to receive uncheck all to unsubscribe Gossip. She splits the vocals with her bandmates, but you may find yourself more drawn to her songs. They are a little bit late. I don't think there's any need to "sanitize" anything -- but there's every need to continuously reevaluate music, books, etc, in light of modern norms. I'm saying that women had to be, and were, clear and firm if they didn't want to have sex, as they do today.

That country also needs to start focusing more on substance and the new themes Kacey is attempting to introduce. Wow, I would have been hard pressed to see any sort of sex in this song at all. Michael Buble and Rufus Wainwright, maybe. That difference between then and now is something that needs to be acknowledged with this song whenever it is aired because it existed in a world so different and so much more horrible than the one we live in today. Camryn manheim nude pics. If the shoe fits If it's all in her head she has a lot to deal with and that's pretty harsh to tell someone their fears of rape are related to their stupidity.

So does this song actually have anything to do with Christmas?

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And I suspect that there might not be an enormous difference, adjusted for population.

Drug usage, janie fricke, grew poor arkansas, silver treads golden. She seems to have her head screwed on right. Hot models stripping nude. But it's clearly playing. Attempts at persuasion may be unwelcome, but they are not coercive, by definition. She'd flee our home, but baby, it's cold outside. The linked rebuttal thought about what it was arguing against, and it builds a much stronger case that way than this kind of strawman crap: We write and make art about horrific things all the time, no?

It's free so why not? I remember first actually paying attention to the lyrics last year around this time and singing my own alternate lyrics over them, like, "but Baby the doors are locked I am eager to see how her career unfolds.

Ashton Shepard "Sounds So Good" MCA-Nashville, Produced by Buddy Cannon She's been hailed as the next big thing in neo-traditional country, and newcomer Ashton Shepard sure does deliver a fine set of steel-drenched lovin'-and-partyin', have your beer and cry in it too kinda country.

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In particular, I was intrigued by their willingness to take a playful poke at their own core audience -- Christian evangelicals -- in the song "Love Goes On," wherein they roll their eyes at a nosy, Bible-thumping neighbor: R32, she has a "boyfriend". My parents had this song on a Christmas record.

Many people in the thread are suggesting that viewing a work through one's own personal perspective is wrong, whereas viewing a work through a constructed objective historical perspective is correct.

Maybe we could compromise on something like "nonsense;" if so, I'll cheerfully stand corrected. There's plenty of twang, but it's on top of bigger, slicker, less soulful modern production, and it sounds like an affectation, whereas before she seemed twangy by nature.

I think that disallowing women to partake in this kind of play when they decide to engage in it would impose a harsh and arbitrary external limit on interpersonal sexual expression. Kt oslin lesbian. It's just plain too bad that we have a world in which the existence of rape ends up tainting even depictions of playful seduction and faux resistance.

I'm pretty sure a Christmas Date Rape Song coffee mug would never be an appropriate gift for anyone. Hot naked girls sucking cock. It was a progressive song that pervy guys can also enjoy. Musically, this didn't wow me -- not my cup of tea -- but I was intrigued by the lyrical content. That sounds impressive but in fact you just made it up, based on nothing. Unfortunately, Chely, despite being brave in her coming out and I'm sure being a lovely person in real life, didn't help matters at all by documenting on a regular basis how she felt the country community had turned its back on her.

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